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Isadora Duncan: The Art of the Immersive Theater
In this workshop Cynthia Word and Ingrid Zimmer of Word Dance Theater will share their pioneering methods for creating site specific, multi-disciplinary, immersive, dance/theater productions inspired by the technique, choreography and philosophy of Isadora Duncan.  We will begin the session with participants performing short, traditional Duncan choreography within specific architectural locations at the workshop site.  Next Word and Zimmer will present, using lecture, power-point, video, the Word Dance Theater process of integrating architecture, dance, theater, music, and visual art into a seamless production.   Participants will then repeat the initial movement experience but incorporating techniques explored in the workshop.  We will end with open discussion of questions that emerged from the workshop.
Photo by Margaret Johnson 
Word Dance Theater’s attendance at the Isadora Duncan International Symposium was supported in part by funding from the Montgomery County government and the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County. 




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