Bring WDT to You

Word Dance Theater houses original cross-disciplinary stage productions and dance works, including historic Duncan choreographies, as well as original Duncan-inspired choreography.  Word Dance Theater offers several performance formats for the public.


Main Stage

Word Dance Theater has been recognized for its cutting-edge main stage productions. Noted by NPR as being "equally as innovative" as modern dance's "firebrand, Isadora Duncan", Word Dance Theater creates progressive full-stage productions that demonstrate a unique blend of classic and innovative original theater. Featuring live or recorded music and sound design, contemporary and historic dance choreography, storytelling, and state-of-the-art stage design. Word Dance Theater's main stage productions provides a new experience for audiences and artists alike.

Current productions performed by Word Dance Theater include:

Chambers of the Heart

Once-Wild:  Isadora in Russia

Preludes:  Duncan, Sand & Chopin

Revolutionary!  Isadora Duncan

Wild Hearts:  Sappho and Isadora

Each production can be mounted in many different types of venues.  If you are interested in bringing a main stage production to your location, contact Cynthia Word for at



"Salons" are a wonderful opportunity to experience live performances by Word Dance Theater's dancers, musicians, poets, playwrights, and actors in charming and informal settings.  Designed for audiences of 100 people or less, Word Dance Theater "Salons" include a performance along with a post performance question and answer session.  This format gives audience members an opportunity to ask questions and visit with the artists in a more intimate environment.  "Salons" can be performed in venues such as museums, embassies and even private homes.  Each "Salon" is customized and curated for the space in which they are presented.


Educational Residencies

Word Dance Theater's rich repertory of original and historic works, along with progressive development process provide up-and-coming artists with unique opportunities to supplement their education. Educational residencies range from master classes to extended residencies that culminate in a performance.  Please contact us about customizing an educational experience for your organization.


Commissioned Work

Word Dance Theater can be commissioned to create new productions that are specific to the needs and interests of a presenters, venues or performing opportunitIes.  Please contact us, to discuss mounting an established or new production.


Photo by Theo Kossenas, Media 4 Artists, LLC.