Calling for Love Letters

What letter burns within your heart?

Word Dance Theater would like your help in forming the story and imagery of our next production, with the theme "the many faces of love."  The new evening of work will be premiered in early 2016. It will be a multi-disciplinary dance theater production that draws the audience into a world of light and shadow, sound, story, ritual, and movement. In this magical space, with love letters from past and present as our doorway, we will recognize and experience the many faces of Love as it exists in the human heart, from chaos to perfection. 

How You Can Help

How has love shown itself in your life?  Whether it's a person living or dead, a place, a thing, love shows itself in many ways to all of us.  Write a letter or poem about it.  Or dig out an old letter and share it with us.  It can be one sentence or 100. Excerpts from your letters will be used to help us in our creative process.

We want YOU to be a part of what we are creating.

Letters can be emailed to or mail them to:
Word Dance Theater
4938 Hampden Lane #405
Bethesda, Md. 20814
So others can share in the celebration of love, some letters may be posted on our upcoming creative blog, "The Many Faces of Love."  Concerned about privacy? No need to worry.  All letters will be kept anonymous, and names will be changed to protect the innocent.