Word Dance Theater's Licensed Work

Word Dance Theater is proud to announce that Nacre Dance in New York will be debuting WDT's original work Revolutionary!  Isadora Duncan to audiences on Sunday, September 27 at Skidmore College.  Licensed by Nacre Dance, Revolutionary! Isadora Duncan is the first production of WDT's trilogy reflecting on the life of Isadora Duncan. "We [Word Dance Theater] are so thrilled to have such a talented company such as Nacre Dance showcase our work," says Word Dance Theater Artistic Director, Cynthia Word.  Word, and Associate Director Ingrid Zimmer spent time with Nacre Dance, transferring the dnces and production work to the New York-based company.

For a preview of Nacre Dance's upcoming performance, go to:

"Local troupe to stage piece that tells story of Isadora Duncan" - Times Union


Photo:  Dancer: Erin Calhoun - who is also dancing the actual "Revolutionary" piece in the performance. Photographer: John Seymour