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Weekend Intensive with Jeanne Bresciani

  • Dumbarton Church 3133 Dumbarton St. NW Washington, DC 20007 (map)

Isadora Duncan and the Force of Nature

Experience the power and beauty of Isadora Duncan’s forms of expressions as forces of nature.

In the ample springtime, we shall tap the sources of Duncan's nature, our own nature and that of the natural world to draw primary material back to our bodies and souls for artistry's sake. From each participant’s intrinsic ground of being we shall root up the rich, primary authority that lives in our original selves as instinctive prowess, epiphanic intuitions, inspired thinking, and profound feeling.  To feed our fire of life and art, our task will be to track the early sparks, lay claim to those that are truest and recapture those that are holy with the beauty, strength and freedom imbued in Isadora's blazingly radiant art.  All students of Life, Movement, and Art are welcome.

LOCATION: 3133 Dumbarton St. NW, Washington DC.  We will convene in the beautiful sanctuary of Dumbarton Church.  Lit by candlelight by night.  By day, filled with colored sunlight streaming through the historic stained-glass windows.  A fitting and inspired location for our work.

COST: Entire weekend: $250; Friday only: $100; Saturday only: $200.

TO REGISTER: email  You may pay at the door with  check or cash.

In keeping with WDT’s mission to perpetuate the Duncan legacy, we provide opportunities to study with legendary Duncan pioneer, Jeanne Bresciani. Jeanne is recognized nationally and internationally as a solo performer, choreographer, educator, and scholar of unparalleled authority on Isadora Duncan’s life, works, and performance repertoire. She is the Director of the Isadora Duncan International Institute,